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Senior Home Safety Concerns

Posted on March 28, 2017 with 0 comments

As your loved one continues to age in his or her home there are modifications and areas of concern that need to be examined in order to insure the home is as senior friendly as possible.  A staggering thirty percent of seniors fall in their homes each year and a fall can result in significant injuries including abrasions and fractured bones.  These injuries can require hospital and care facility stays where seniors are at risk of infections and other ailments that could delay, or ultimately prevent, their return home.  Below are a few areas to be aware of and suggested alterations to create a safe and senior friendly environment.


  • Watch out for loose rugs.

Loose rugs can get caught on walkers and canes creating an uneven surface for seniors moving in their home.  It is always a good idea to remove loose rugs or secure them to the floor.

  • Ample space in hallways and doorways

Many seniors will use walkers to help them ambulate and the additional space required is often an overlooked potential problem when scanning the home for safety hazards.  Be sure that hallways and doorways have enough room for seniors using a walker to pass uninterrupted as they enter and exit each room.  Many times this will only require moving a desk or dresser that is located close or adjacent to an entry way.

  • Bathroom safety

As you may imagine the bathroom can present a number safety hazards for seniors as they try to maintain their personal hygiene.  Many seniors have difficulty stepping into a shower that doubles as a tub, without assistance.  It is always preferable to have a walk in shower or tub for bathing purposes, but understandably this is not always the case.  Grab bars strategically positioned, based on how the senior enters and exits the shower, can help greatly by providing stability to an otherwise problematic activity.

  • Increased lighting

Typically, home lighting is not designed for people with diminished eye sight.  Low lighting can cause an even greater reduction in vision, resulting in unsafe situations.  Adding or increasing the lighting in and around a senior’s home can greatly increase their ability to move about the home safely.  This can be as simple as placing small “night lights” to illuminate the senior’s route from their bed to the bathroom.


During our free in home assessment we are happy to conduct a safety inspection to identify potential problem areas and suggest repairs/solutions.  Please feel free to call our office anytime.  We truly are available 24/7/365 including nights, weekends, and holidays, to schedule your free, no obligation, assessment and help keep your loved one safe in their own home

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