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Depression When Facing a Terminal Illness

Everyone will react with grief the moment they are diagnosed with a terminal illness, however being diagnosed with a terminal illness does not mean you should stop living your life normally. Patients and their loved ones should focus on creating beautiful moments with the elderly that will push them to fight the disease that they […]


Insomnia in the Elderly

It’s normal to have a restless night or two when you’re stressed about something. It becomes worrisome when you spend more nights awake than asleep, something that is likely to happen as you age. The lack of sleep becomes a source of frustration that constantly interferes in your lives. The inability to sleep prevents your […]


How to Help the Elderly in Understanding and Accepting Care and Assistance

No one likes to feel bound or deprived of their own independence and it’s no different for the elderly and seniors. However, with growing age, certain physical limitations start kicking in and a high amount of seniors start requiring care and assistance to go on with their daily lives. But the idea of accepting care […]


Maintaining Blood Pressure in the Elderly
Blood pressure

Blood pressure is a major indicator of overall health. High-blood pressure is always a concern as someone who constantly has high blood pressure is more susceptible to having a stroke, heart failure, chronic kidney disease and the damage of arteries which can cause heart attacks. Statistics show that nearly a third of Americans suffer from […]


Most Prominent Infections in the Elderly

Influenza and UTI are common infections that are found amongst people of all ages. When you’re younger, these infections can be easily diagnosed and treated in a matter of days or weeks. However, these infections become difficult to detect in seniors above the age of 65 yrs. and can result in hospitalization and event fatalities […]


Dealing with Angry and Cranky Seniors

One of the most common yet certainly overlooked facets of providing care for elderly people is dealing with their temper issues. We all have seen clichéd photos of seniors smiling and being happy, but it’s possible that a human remains happy all the time. We all get angry, we all have some sort of temper […]


Anxiety in the Elderly
senior adults

Research suggests that anxiety affects twice as many elderly people of depression. According to researchers, generalized anxiety disorder is likely the most prominent mental disorder amongst senior adults. Because there is still no cure for anxiety for the elderly, it needs to be handled through alternate ways. Doctors often assume that anxiety is part of […]


What Steps To Take When Choosing A Non-Medical Home Care Agency
Home Care Agency

When selecting a home care agency for yourself or a loved one it is important to make the right decision as this agency and their caregiver(s) will be an integral part of you and your family’s life. Whether you are looking for short term care while recovering from an injury or procedure, or a long-term […]


Keeping Your Seniors Safe and Healthy During the Hot Summer Months
Seniors Safe and Healthy

Keeping your body within its prescribed temperature limit is a vital biological function which helps regulate your vital organs and helps them in functioning properly throughout the day. Losing excessive amount of heat or excessive warming up are both bad and dangerous for your health. During the summer months, the power of the body’s mechanisms […]


What To Do When You Need Home Care Right Away

At times the need for home care assistance can come immediately and without warning.  If you or your loved one is being discharged from a hospital or facility and needs to have assistance while at home we can be that resource for you.  With our 24/7/365 availability, which includes nights, weekends, and holidays, we are […]


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