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Assisted Living Care Support

We partner with many Assisted Living Facilities to augment the care that they provide to their residents. Residents within an Assisted Living Facility are rarely provided “one-on-one” supervision and/or companionship and therefore 123 Home Care’s Qualified Caregivers will augment the care provided by the Assisted Living Facility by providing these services. Residents who have suffered a stroke and/or have Dementia/Alzheimer’s or other memory issues are particularly susceptible to putting themselves at risk without constant supervision.

Additionally, residents who have nasogastric intubation or other “tubes” that need to be monitored to confirm that they have not been removed/pulled-out also benefit greatly from constant supervision.

Lastly, sometimes families want to know that their loved one has several hours within a day of consistent companionship.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of our Assisted Living Facilities and love to hear the positive feedback that we regularly receive about our Qualified Caregivers!

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