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5 Best Caregiver Qualities
5 Best Caregiver Qualities For Your Loved One

Posted on October 15, 2018 with 0 comments

Each family has unique preferences that influence the type of caregiver qualities that suit their own specific needs. For instance, your loved one may enjoy spending time interacting with their caregiver through conversation while others may prefer a quiet environment.

While everyone’s opinion of which aspects of a caregivers personality makes the best caregiver, there are certain caregiver qualities that nearly everyone can agree on. When choosing a caregiver for your loved one, keep a keen eye out for the following five caregiver qualities.


Caregivers spend a lot of time in your home, so it’s incredibly important to select an in-home caregiver you can trust. When you focus on the trustworthiness of potential caregiver you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the right level of care and that your valuables are safe.

It can be difficult to know ahead of time whether someone is honest without additional research.  You can use background checks to make sure that the caregivers you’re reviewing don’t have any major skeletons in their closets. 123 Home Care, for instance, performs background checks with the Department of Justice, FBI, DMV, National Sex Offender Public Registry, and other groups to ensure each employee’s trustworthiness.


When you need a caregiver,  reliability is a huge factor.  It’s important to find someone who will arrive on time, follow medication schedules, and who can follow instructions properly.  An unreliable caregiver can quickly make it difficult to maintain your own schedule.  Hiring a caregiver who’s consistently late can end up making it difficult for you to arrive on time to your own obligations.

Good Training and Experience

Quality Caregivers require high-quality training to do their jobs correctly. It also helps to have several years of experience. The more experience a caregiver has, the more that person knows about doing the job well.

123 Home Care only hires caregivers with one or more years of experience. Caregivers also need certifications as Home Health Aides (HHA) or Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). These requirements help ensure that your loved one gets quality services for better comfort and health.

A Caring Nature

Working as a caregiver requires more than just a mechanical knowledge of the job and its functions. The best caregivers work hard to make the quality of life better for your loved one. The best caregivers never forget that they are caring for a human being instead of a client.

This quality can be one of the easier to spot since a caring nature can’t easily be faked. It’s difficult to train someone how to have a caring nature so it’s best to find a caregiver who naturally possesses those qualities.  Keep an eye out (literally) for qualities like eye contact and ease in communication. When you find someone with the right experience and a caring nature, you know that you’ve found a good person for your loved one.

Professional Insurance

Caregivers that work independently instead of with an agency often can’t afford professional insurance. An uninsured caregiver can very quickly put your family in a difficult and financially devastating situation. If your loved one requires physical assistance to use the restroom and the caregiver trips and hurts themselves or your loved one it could lead to sizable liability. If the caregiver doesn’t have insurance, though, you may be on the hook for out of pocket compensation.

Hiring a caregiver employed by a full-service agency like 123 Home Care can help ensure you’re covered under the company’s insurance policies.  123 Home Care has insurance policies for general liability, professional liability, non-owned auto liability, and sexual & physical misconduct liability.

When hiring anyone for any position, you always hope for the best, but unfortunately, accidents happen. Choosing an insured and bonded caregiver at least ensures that you will receive compensation when something goes wrong.

123 Home Care makes it as easy as possible for you to find a caregiver with the qualities your family needs. The Comfort Match Guarantee makes it certain that you will get a caregiver with shared interests, a compatible personality, and a flexible schedule that’s right for your family and loved one. If the first match isn’t perfect, then you get to keep trying other caregivers until you find the right match.

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