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How to Help the Elderly in Understanding and Accepting Care and Assistance

Posted on July 17, 2017 with 0 comments

No one likes to feel bound or deprived of their own independence and it’s no different for the elderly and seniors. However, with growing age, certain physical limitations start kicking in and a high amount of seniors start requiring care and assistance to go on with their daily lives.

But the idea of accepting care and assistance doesn’t come easily to a lot of elders as they start to think that this will deprive them of the feeling of being independent and that other people have started viewing them as frail and fragile.
These feelings, if not countered in the right way, can get aggravated and make the senior develop a sense of animosity towards anyone trying to provide help and care.

Care is necessary for those who require it, so if a senior who falls in that category resents care and assistance, it can turn out to be dangerous for him/her. But despite having said that, pushing too hard on the elder to accept that she/he needs care, can definitely make matters worse.

Acceptance for care is a mindset that needs to be developed over time and as your senior starts to cope up with the adversities and challenges of old age, they will try extremely hard to hold on to their old lives.

They might be fearful of not letting out their vulnerabilities, they might be fearful of being marginalized from their own family’s love and attention or they might not want to think about their frailties as it might be depressing or harkening for them.
The reasons can be a plenty and you don’t know whether your senior will have one of them too, so it’s good that you start out to address these problems early.

Here’s how you can help the elderly in understanding and accepting care and assistance:

Make sure that they feel in control:

Requiring care often implies that you are surrendering your control into the hands of someone else and this feeling can make most elders admonish the notion of receiving care.

To neutralize this feeling, you would need to create an aura of making your senior feel in control, even when they are receiving care. And this can be done if you make them understand that receiving care is just like hiring for any other service and there’s no need to lose sleep over that.

Make them part of the process:

It’s the seniors that require the care, so they need to be key stakeholders in the whole process of hiring a caregiver.
If possible, make sure that the senior is there with you when you are conducting interviews for the list of potentials and you need to value their opinions on who did they like more as well because they will be the ones spending the most time with the caregiver, so it needs to be their call.

Allow them to ask questions, define the visit schedules and select the kind of assistance they need.

Help Develop the Relationship between the Caregiver & the Elderly:

You also would need to make sure that the senior sees the home care assistant in a good light and starts accepting his/her presence near him/herself.

Just rushing into it from the very first day of care is where the rapport can be broken almost instantaneously and it would be pretty hard to backtrack from that once it has happened. Give the elder some time to know the caregiver and help them initiate the relationship before moving on to actual care.

This would help foster trust and make the elder feel like he/she is in control of what is going to happen when the caregiver is around.
Requiring assistance for going about your life is a tough change and it’s often quite hard to accept, so you need to be empathetic with your senior and understand their apprehensions, answering them one by one.

Professional caregivers are quite trained to overcome seniors who resent care through friendliness and trust, but your role in this whole process is undeniable, so make sure you help your senior out in this and assist in making their lives much more healthier, safer and above all, easier.

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