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“Comfort Match” Guarantee

With our “Comfort Match” Guarantee, we match the most compatible Qualified Caregiver with your loved one. To find the best Qualified Caregiver for your loved one, we take into account proven dimensions of healthy, long-lasting Client-Caregiver relationships including:

  • Personal care needs and preferences (vs. the Qualified Caregiver’s experience)
  • Compatible personality types
  • Common shared interests
  • Scheduling congruency

Following our free in-home assessment, an experienced 123 Home Care team member will utilize our effective Client-Caregiver matching process to select the Qualified Caregiver that is best suited for your loved one.

Please contact us if you believe your Qualified Caregiver is not a suitable match for your loved one, and we will find a more appropriate Qualified Caregiver at no additional charge to you. It’s that easy!

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