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Rescue Alert System



Rescue Alert’s personal emergency response system allows your loved one to live the independent lifestyle she/he wants and provides you with the peace of mind from knowing that help is just a “press of the button” away in case of emergency.

The medical alert bracelets and systems help thousands of people regain the sense of independence they once enjoyed by providing the most comprehensive personal emergency response systems available.

Senior alarms grant independence to those at risk of injuries and accidents, allowing many people to continue living at home when they otherwise wouldn’t be able. Family and friends are also given the freedom to leave their loved one alone, with the reassurance that they will be contacted immediately if an incident occurs. Medical alerts offer a great sense of relief, providing a way for trained medical professionals to be notified of an incident at the click of a button.

Rescue Alert monitors are provided free of charge for any 123 Home Care client receiving 20 hours or more per week of home care service. For clients that do not qualify for the free Rescue Alert System, you can still enjoy a 20% discount to the retail price of the Rescue Alert System.

The following are features of the Rescue Alert System:

  • With the press of a button, talk with an attendant who will alert responders in case of an emergency
  • Installation, maintenance and instructions for use of the Rescue Alert System
  • Makes it easier for you to maintain your independence and always have immediate access to help in case of emergency
  • Provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones
  • Rescue Alert is the leading emergency response system and has been providing help to individuals since 1981, having manufactured and sold 60,000+ medic alert alarm systems

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