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Ten Signs Your Parents Need Homecare

The impact of age can sneak up slowly on your parents and loved ones often making it difficult to recognize the signs that they may need home care.

It’s likely they will reassure you that nothing is wrong even if they are experiencing challenges completing everyday activities like they used to.

It can be very difficult for anyone (especially a parent) to admit when they need a little help. Therefore, it’s important that you watch out for the warning signs that your parents may need help before a small issue escalates into a more serious health crisis.

#1: Forgetfulness

Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps, difficulty recalling recently learned information (names, places, times, etc.) and general forgetfulness are common signs that your parents may need home care.

#2: Falls (or Unexplained Bruising)

A fall is a clear warning sign that your parents need assistance. While it’s most likely that you will not be present at the time of the fall, keep an eye out for any unexplained bruises. These may be an indication of a loss of balance that resulted in a fall or collision with home furniture.

#3: Unkempt Appearance

Poor personal hygiene, body odor, clothing stains and/or a disheveled appearance might indicate that your parents are having trouble keeping up with routine personal care activities.

#4: Difficulty Sitting and Standing

Difficult sitting down, standing up, taking the stairs and moving about the home are warning signs that they need assistance.

#5: Mood Swings

Sudden changes in temperament might indicate early signs of cognitive issues. Depression, loss of energy and/or a loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed are warning signs that they may need help.

#6: Missed Appointments

Missed appointments might indicate issues with memory, time management, driving ability, or a lack of confidence or strength to go out alone.

#7: Missed Medication (or Overtaking Medication)

Whether your parents are missing or overtaking medication, this might indicate trouble remembering and/or an inability to read and follow prescriptions.

#8: Scratches and Dents on the Car

Scratches and dents on the car or unpaid traffic tickets could mean they are having trouble driving and are potentially endangering themselves and others.

#9: Spoiled Food

Spoiled food in the refrigerator and cabinets might indicate they are having trouble remembering to go grocery shopping. No food in the home is also a warning sign. Either way, it’s likely that your parents are not maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet.

#10: Lack of Home Maintenance

If the lawn hasn’t been mowed or plants haven’t been watered, this might indicate that your parents don’t have the strength or desire for standard home upkeep. Untidy homes, piles of mail and/or unpaid bills are common warning signs that they may need help.

If any of these signs are prevalent your parents need homecare.

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