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24/7 “Awake and Alert”

When you or your loved one requires “awake and alert” supervision throughout the day and night, then our 24/7 “Awake and Alert” care is the right solution for you. Although some home care agencies may suggest “Live-In Home Care” services for individuals who require around-the-clock support, “Live-in” Care is unlawful as of January 12, 2015. The California Supreme Court rendered the long-standing and heavily relied upon concept of 24 Hour “Live-in” Care unlawful in its landmark decision in the case of Mendiola vs. CPS Security Solutions, Inc. (i.e. “the Mendiola decision”). If you are dealing with an agency that is suggesting “Live-in” care and “Live-in” prices, you should be very weary as you don’t want to put yourself at risk by using a home care agency that is willing to break the law.

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