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You Only Pay for What You Use

Cancel Anytime Without Penalty

With 123 Home Care you don’t sign a contract; you sign an agreement. You can cancel our services at any time and for any reason without any penalties. Most home care agencies require 24-48 hours’ advance notice to cancel without being charged for the entire shift, even if you don’t use their services! We understand your life is busy and unpredictable, which means you may need to cancel a shift at the last minute – with 123 Home Care, you won’t pay any cancellation penalties!

Complete schedule flexibility

Not all care options are equipped to address the types of scheduling challenges that arise from the changing daily care needs of your loved one. No matter the scheduling circumstance (i.e. last minute changes to existing shifts, new shifts, holidays, normal caregiver becoming sick, etc.), we have a Qualified Caregiver that will provide high quality home care to your loved one.

Our policy is simple – you only pay for what you use! With no cancellation penalties and a team of Qualified Caregivers ready to serve your loved one, 123 Home Care gives you complete schedule flexibility. Call (866) 977-7503 or your local office to find out how we can help your loved one!

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